Seam Welder

Product Information:

Schunk Sonosystems seam welder is designed for a variety of applications and provides a continuous-feed welding process with no limits to material length or width. Designed and built for the production environments, this seam welder creates continuous welds across various materials.

In the solar panel industry, seam welding is used to efficiently join solar collector plates or fins to copper or aluminum tubing.

The seam welding heads are often built into custom made machinery with multiple assembly operations.

Product Specifications
3 KW Generator
230Vac,1Ph, 50/60Hz +10% -15%
Control Unit
USCII Controller
L=17.3″(440mm) W=18.11″(460mm) H=16.7″(425mm)
Welder Dimension
Application Dependent
Welder Weight
Application Dependent