RAPTOR II PC Splice Welder

Product Information:

Price performance ratios, process capability, durability and with new options the Raptor continues to be a market leader. The rugged mechanical design, the solid twin shell body, provide the mass (no deflection, no lost energy) to assure reliable ultrasonic welds for a wide range of splicing applications. Excellent tool life, easy setup, and competitive costs are features that benefit the operator, maintenance staff and the buyers of this superior product.

Product Specifications
3 KW Generator
230Vac,1Ph, 50/60Hz +10% -15%
Cross Section
Up to +/- 42mm2
Wire Type
Cu, Al, AWG, ISO
Control Unit
STAWIN (Windows based OS)
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.
Optional: Touchscreen
Monitor, Wireless Mouse and
Keyboard and Barcode
Controller Dimension
W=17.3″(440mm), H=7.6″(193mm), L=20.3″(515mm)
Welder Dimension
W=7.5″(190mm), H=7.0″ (178)
Air Consumption

* 5 welds/min with cooling air up to 0.1scfm @80psig(5.5bar)

* 5 welds/min without cooling air up to 0.05scfm @ 80psig(5.5bar)

Different tooling options available.