Product Information:

HVT is a high performance spot welder designed to weld a variety of large cross section Cu, Al, Ag and NI applications. The flexible fixture concept allows for quick change over for similar component welding. Other features include welding of large dimension component parts, reject cutoff or automatic crimping.

The PC interface offers simple operation, unlimited data storage, quality data screens, networking and more.


Product Specifications
4kW generators are 3-phase 220Vac +/- 10%
6kW generators are 3-phase 400Vac +/-10%
Cross Section
Cu, Al, AWG, ISO
Control Unit

STAWIN (Windows based OS)

Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.
Optional: Touchscreen Monitor, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard and Barcode Scanner

Welder Dimension
Application Dependent
Welder Weight
Application Dependent
Air Consumption
min. 6 bars; max. 10 bars (set to 7 bars); min. flow rate: 200 l/min.