Ground Lug

Product Information:

Weld up to 20 wires to a single terminal, with easy to load and unload terminals. Welds over 20mm2, with a wide range of shapes and size terminals with built in insulation crimp.

Product Specifications
3 KW Generator
230Vac,1Ph, 50/60Hz +10% -15%
Wire Type
Cu, Al, AWG, ISO
Control Unit
STAWIN (Windows based OS)
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.
Optional: Touchscreen Monitor, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard and Barcode Scanner
W=17.3”(440mm), H=7.6”(193mm), L=20.3”(515mm)
Welder Dimension
L=26”(660mm) W=16”(406mm) H=22”(559mm)
L=36”(914mm) W=24”(610mm) H=54”(1376mm)
Welder Weight
Configuration dependent
Air Consumption
Recommended 90psig