Condor II

Product Information:

The Condor II is a universal ultrasonic metal spot welder, uniquely designed to fit multiple applications, from:

  • Multiple wire, ground lug terminations, with automatic insulation crimping
  • High voltage terminations within cross section specifications
  • Foil welding in excess of 30 foils (battery cells and packs)
  • Inverted head positioning for hard to reach spot welding requirements.
  • Other versions of the Condor II available
  • Integration of the welder into robotic assembly systems, larger assembly machines

With a new PC control and interface, the Condor II now offers enhanced utility for an already superior product.

Product Specifications
3 KW Generator
230Vac,1Ph, 50/60Hz +10% -15%
Wire Type
Cu, Al, AWG, ISO
Control Unit
STAWIN (Windows based OS)

Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse.
Optional: Touchscreen Monitor, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard and Barcode Scanner

H=7.6”(193mm), L=20.3”(515mm)
Welder Dimension
L=20”(508mm) W=10.5”(267mm)
Welder Weight
Configuration dependent
Air Consumption
*5 welds/min with cooling air up to 0.1scfm @80psig(5.5bar)

*5 welds/min without cooling air up to 0.05scfm @ 80psig(5.5bar)