Ultrasonic Seam Welders offer the makers of solar absorbing panels, a fast, economical joining process to join absorbing materials to copper tubes. The rolling ultrasonic seam welding technique is fast, economical and offers all the advantages of the ultrasonic welding process. Quite often, the Schunk Sonosystems ¬†welders are custom made to suit a particular customer’s needs- be it an integrated welder into a larger assembly machine, or a stand- alone welder for smaller requirements. The rolling seam welding technique also has applications for the joining of flat sheet material into continuous rolls of material requiring no breaks within a given roll size. Stapla Ultrasonics and Schunk Sonosystems also offer custom made welding systems to serve the Photovoltaic Industry – commonly the joining of bus-bar materials to metal coated glass.

Seam Welder
The advantages of the rolling seam welder are a continuous ultrasonic weld joint, often of dissimilar materials, done quickly, at low cost, with consistent quality.
PV Panel Welders (Specials)
Ultrasonic welding is a preferred joining technique in the manufacture of PV panels due to the low pressure process, excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics of the joint.
Tube Sealer
Used to cut, crimp and form a pressure tight, leak proof seal for the copper or aluminum tubes of solar absorbing panels.