Many of the Schunk Sonosystems North America products can be used in a wide range of ultrasonic welding applications within the electrical and electronic industries. Due to the excellent electrical characteristics of ultrasonic welds, the ability to weld dissimilar metals, the ability to join small to large cross sectional areas, the possible uses of Stapla ultrasonic welders is almost endless. This can best be depicted by pictured examples.

An interesting example of the use of Schunk Sonosystems welders is in battery manufacturing Рfrom making individual cells, to assembling battery packs, to completing interconnect boards and sensors, to connecting large gauge copper and aluminum cables to connectors for the battery and motors to be energized.

Schunk Sonosystems welds have literally left this world, on battery products on satellites and interplanetary vehicles.

Products Associated with the Electric Industry

Condor II
The Condor II is a universal ultrasonic spot welder that can be tooled for a wide range of ultrasonic welding applications: from simple wire to terminal welding to flat conductor connections.
Condor II-B
Battery manufacturers for automotive, military and other scientific applications use the Stapla Condor II-B for production of battery cells and packs. Often the Condor II-B is integrated into automatic, robotic assembly systems.
A modified Raptor II built into an automatic, feed, weld and cutoff machine produce high volume, bare copper shunts for circuit breaker manufacturers and other products needing similar shunts.