The automotive wire harness manufacturers around the world, know the advantages of ultrasonic metal welding and the machines offered by Schunk Sonosystems North America

Splice welding, from small cross sectional areas to very large cross sections, in either copper or aluminum, can be processed on our machines – as an off line bench operation, on the assembly board, or as part of a networked assembly system. The robust Stapla splice welders have a long and solid reputation for durability, easy setup and maintenance. Multiple products for splice welding are available, depending on the application requirements.

Spot welding of wire to terminal, for multiple wire- ground lug applications, to large gauge copper or aluminum cable to specialty terminals- including brass, are processed on one of a family of highly regarded spot welders.

Products Associated with the Automotive Industry

Raptor II
The Raptor II splice welder is a standard in the industry – designed to weld cross sections in excess of 40mm2; for in-line or end splices; for copper or aluminum wires; for ISO and AWG wire constructions; with an Anti-side splice option and other features to insure long life, easy operation.

Condor II and Ground Lug
The Condor II Ground Lug ultrasonic welding machine is an economical and flexible system to terminate multiple ground wire leads to a common terminal – using ultrasonic welding technology.

The Stapla Ultrasonics HVT (High Voltage Terminator) is design for the termination of the larger cables (copper or aluminum) being used in today’s Electric and Hybrid Electric motor vehicles.