In the Appliance, Refrigeration and HVAC Industries, ultrasonic welding has multiple applications.

Wire harness makers can use Schunk Sonosystems North America splice welders to form multiple wire splice joints (in-line splices or end splices) or Stapla Ultrasonic spot welders to perform wire to terminal welds, if applicable.

Our tube sealers, are a standard tool to these same customers. Nearly all manufacturers of any heating and cooling appliance use the Stapla tube sealer to cut, crimp and ultrasonically weld the ends of copper or aluminum tubes found in these products. The ultrasonic weld yields a leak free, pressure tight closing of the tube end, in a low cost, efficient manner, at assembly – without the need for additional materials like solder, or mechanical caps.

Products Associated with the Appliances Industry
Tube Sealer
Refrigerators, HVAC units and heat exchangers of all types use the Schunk Sonosystems North America Tube Sealer to cut, crimp and ultrasonically seal the ends of the copper or aluminum tubes within the system.
Spot Welders (Condor)
Schunk Sonosystems North America Spot Welders can be adapted or customized for multiple applications. When bare copper wire, terminals and other non-ferrous materials need to be joined, ultrasonic welding offers many advantages over mechanical crimps, resistance welding or other joining techniques.