About Us

Schunk Sonosystems North America, located in Wilmington, MA, was founded in the United States, in 1986, and is a subsidiary of Schunk Sonosystems, a member of the Schunk Group, headquartered in Heucheleim, Germany.

Schunk Sonosystems, combined, are the largest manufacturer of ultrasonic metal welding products worldwide. As a leader in ultrasonic metal welding technology, Stapla offers products, engineering and support services to industry segments including: automotive, appliance (large, small and HVAC), battery (Lithium Ion and others), other electrical segments, solar, and more. Our Wilmington, MA location houses mechanical, electrical, and software engineering; a laboratory for determining the optimum welding parameters of our customers welding needs or the qualification of product produced on our welders; an in house machine shop for production of prototype components and short order replacement parts; and the assembly, testing and shipping of machines wholly produced at this location.

With outside office locations in the United States and Mexico, Schunk Sonosystems offers a high level of direct technical sales and after sale service throughout North and Central America.

As market needs change or emerge, Schunk Sonosystems has the resources and expertise to create new product/process solutions for our customers’ ultrasonic metal welding requirements. We continually seek, and work at, long term relationships with our customers.

We are a market driven company, offering product solutions, featuring the benefits of ultrasonic metal welding, which include:

  • High quality metallic bonds (for non-ferrous metals)
  • High weld strength ( pull tests being the normal criteria)
  • Excellent electrical characteristics (low resistance)
  • Low operating costs
  • Short weld times
  • Comprehensive process control and monitoring

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